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Hello, I am Keji Moses. I have over twenty-five years of leadership experience. I am a resilient mother and founder of Mayah’s Legacy. I champion awareness on the often-overlooked mental health impact of pregnancy loss and inequities within maternity care. 

My own journey into motherhood included both profound joy and heart-wrenching loss. The devastating experience of losing my second child during pregnancy fuelled my commitment to establishing Mayah’s Legacy. Through the charity, I advocate for comprehensive mental health support, drawing on my personal experiences. 

My compelling story, marked by adversity and transformation, inspires audiences to embrace the gift of motherhood and fosters understanding for those affected by pregnancy loss.


As a speaker, I passionately advocates for awareness, communication, mental and emotional health training, offering a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of profound challenges.

If you are looking for someone with lived experience and an inspirational speaker for your next podcast,  get in touch.

Speaker topics

  • Leadership,

  • Intuition

  • Equity & Inclusion

  • Kindness/Empathy

  • Mental Health

  • Mindset

  • Wellbeing

Author & Writer

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Rebirth Series - Monwara Ali - Director of Stow Inspire CIC / CEO of Waltham Forest Community Hub

Rebirth Series - Monwara Ali - Director of Stow Inspire CIC / CEO of Waltham Forest Community Hub

Spiritual rebirth is the transformation that arises as the eyes of our understanding is enlightened and a natural way of being and living emerges. Some of what emerges was already there however, some elements of transformation are unique to YOU. Rebirth can be one of your most significant moments of transformation. it is the ultimate renewal. It is transformative, and is for some, miraculous. Butterflies symbolise rebirth, hope, new beginnings and transformation. When a caterpillar goes into its chrysalis and re-emerges as a butterfly, it undergoes a complete rebirth process. Each developmental step is required to bring a butterfly to its predetermined glorious manifestation. The Rebirth process is not without pain. When the butterfly begins to be reborn from the chrysalis, it has to fight to get out. There is a real and necessary struggle. It is its struggle that strengthens its wings and fortifies it to flourish so that it can fly far and wide. About Monwara Monwara Ali is passionate about leadership and how instrumental it is to developing services for the community and advocating for the most vulnerable in society. She has a strong conviction that women make great leaders and hence to help them unleash their potential and increase their leadership capacity Monwara offers mentoring, coaching and growth opportunities through her signature course `Trailblazing Leadership Programme’. With the mindset that anything is possible Monwara recently established Ma Learning Centre in Bangladesh. She is also the Director of Stow Inspire CIC / CEO of Waltham Forest Community Hub / Motivational Speaker and Fundraising Specialist. You can contact Monwara via #rebirth #growth # #leadership #flourishing
Breaking Negative Generational Patterns - The Catalyst, Lanre Olushola #breakingcycles #mindset

Breaking Negative Generational Patterns - The Catalyst, Lanre Olushola #breakingcycles #mindset

My conversation @globalsororitas with The Catalyst, Lanre Olushola @lanreolusola. Date; Fri 2nd April Time; 7pm GMT Where: IG Live @globalsororitas Song: Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds Introducing my Guest THE CATALYST, LANRE OLUSOLA Founder and Chief Catalyst at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy - a Mind, Emotions and Behavioral Change coaching academy working with individuals and organizations to transform lives by transforming minds - Lanre Olusola is renowned for his extensive array of works of Coaching, Publishing and Keynote Speaking with individuals and organizations, locally and internationally. He is renowned for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria and creating the first wholly integrative coaching academy in West Africa. With over 2 decades of coaching experience, The Catalyst is a Certified General Electric (GE) Executive Coaching Master Trainer and a GE Regional Crotonville Executive coaching faculty member. Passionate about people, The Catalyst works to bring about holistic transformation. Over the last two decades, he has created, mastered and deployed Integrative and Transformative Catalysis (ITC). His work varies with individuals, organizations, families, couples, groups and governments, all with the primary goal of rapidly transitioning them from where they are, to where they desire, deserve and are designed to be. His advanced studies in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Quantum Physics, led him to become an AAMET U.K. Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist. The Catalyst created the ESP and VSP 5-star performance models which have been used globally to alter complex behavioural, traditional and cultural codes, programs and paradigms; one of the many beneficiaries being the Stanford University’s Affiliate Faculty (The Institute for Venture Designs). He serves as an Executive Director at Ebony Life Television, the founder of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN), Board of Trustee member at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Nigeria, and an executive member of the Forbes Coaches Council. #globalsororitas #lanreolusola #transformativecoaching #Icon #wisdom

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