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I am free of self-limiting beliefs. Affirmation

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

While my parents and society have impressed their beliefs on me as a child, I have the ultimate say in what I believe as an adult.

The only beliefs that I entertain are those that are self-nurturing.

I know that beliefs can drive behaviour. Therefore, I critically analyse my thoughts. I see the world in a positive light. I only entertain ideas that are in line with who I truly am.

I nurture my self-esteem. I deserve success and happiness, and I have the tools to achieve them. I can easily recall times when I have been successful.

I hold the feeling of winning close to my heart.

I know that I can achieve greatness just by being myself. There are many things that I can do better than anyone else.

I cultivate and nurture my talents.

I am confident because I know my strengths. I am insulated against self-doubt.

I choose to believe in myself, even during challenging times. My sense of self is anchored in my knowledge that I am worthy of love and success. It comes from within.

Like anyone else, I make errors, but I turn them into learning experiences. Although I look to the future, I also take time to recall my past successes.

Today, I choose to release any lingering self-doubts. I realize that my performance can soar higher and higher as I continue to believe in myself.

I take full advantage of life’s many learning experiences.

Self-Reflection Questions:

When has the fear of failure kept me from trying?

What bearing does my past performance have on my present potential?

How would my life change if I constantly visualized success?

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