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I explore unlimited possibilities – Morning Affirmation

I explore unlimited possibilities.

I am ready to explore this brave new world

I am happy that I have cleared the path of all negativity. It is refreshing to know that the sky is the limit now. I am ready to explore the stars!

For inspiration, I need only look at the night sky. I learn about astronomy and discover the constellations.

By expanding my mind, I realize that there are no limits.

I am increasing my capacity to accept new ideas. I open my mind completely to accept the unknown. I am safe to learn new things.

As I continue to open my mind to new ideas, I gain confidence in my ability to manifest my dreams.

Today, I give myself permission to believe in myself.

My eyes light up at the possibilities that I can create in the future. I love to explore the unlimited possibilities of the mind. I am grateful to be plugged into a think tank of positive possibilities

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