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I am cultivating my seed of self-trust – Affirmation

I am courageous enough now to look at my tender seed and give it what it needs.

I realize that, in the past, life has given me tests that caused me to doubt myself.

Thankfully, today I recognize that it is time to trust myself implicitly. I am now ready to give myself that opportunity.

Like a little mustard seed, I gently put my trust into fertile ground. I cultivate the soil of my Soul with positive thoughts. I nurture the ground of my heart with the fertilizer of the lessons that I am now turning into wisdom.

I forgive myself for any missteps I have taken. I turn them into loamy soil. My self-trust grows healthy.

The more I trust myself, the stronger I become.

Just as weeds grow in a garden, I see immediately when self-doubt crops up. I eradicate those weeds immediately and place another seed of self-trust into the garden of my heart and Soul.

My inner self is becoming a beautiful garden. I am starting to blossom and grow.

I exude self-confidence. I take bold new strides in self-assurance. I am standing up straight and looking people in the eye. I have a new-found strength.

I am feeling great!

Today, my garden is starting to show on the outside. I am gathering new friends. I am cultivating new clients. My happiness is bubbling up from my wellspring of self-trust.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to cultivate my garden of self-trust?

  2. What new seeds would I like to see grow?

  3. How can I share the bounty of my garden?

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